Happy to meet you!

I am Raisa Haikala. I am a passionate and equitable leader, convincing performer and fearless, innovative soul that sparks up people around me. I am easy-going and fun to work with. I will adjust easily to any kind of environment due to my excellent communication and negotiation skills combined with vast international experience.

My Vision / For What I Work for

Work is the best inclusion to the society. I believe that every one of us should get a chance to work for something that matters to us or at least to be able to pay the bills and living with the salary paid for work. Unfortunately for many immigrants in Finland and Sweden, this is not possible at the moment. I can see a huge wasted potential in people that have immigrated on other reasons than work. This bothers me. Where could we be if that potential was used to solve the problem? My guidelines are #liveasyoupreach and #nothingformewithoutme and this applies to diversity in worklife. My ultimate goal is to start an organization that employs immigrants and offers multilingual services to other immigrants in the field of employment, integration and language. This is something I can’t do alone. Will you join me in this adventure and rethink immigrants’ employment and integration services in the Nordics?

Products / What do I do now?

I teach Finnish language for foreigners via Gimara and via my own company, Haikala Solutions Oü. You can hire me to teach your group (recommended group size for maximum learning is up to 12) or to teach you privately. I also do basic level (A1-A2) language evaluations. You can buy the service here or contact me haikalaraisa@gmail.com

I talk about immigration, relocation, integration, integration training and employment. If you need consulting or a key note speaker, please don’t hesitate to contact: haikalaraisa@gmail.com

I facilitate workshops for Finnish as a second language teachers, coaches and anyone working in the field of integration and employment. For further information, please contact me directly and follow Gimara Edu YouTube-channel.

About Me

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