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“I don’t feel that it is necessary to know exactly what I am. The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning.” – Michel Foucalt

On this page you can see my personality profile according to three different tests, Alva Labs (July 2021 and September 2021) and Psycon (April 2021).

Analysis after psychological tests by Psycon April 2021

Read in Finnish here

In the core of her motivation, there is a bigger target that you work for. Although she sees that the ability to seize the opportunity has guided her career, it is important to her to take further things that she finds valuable such as equal learning. She has strong will to impact and she sees that can happen best as a leader, where impacting the others you can make things change more widely. She also thinks it is important to have fun while working and she puts effort to this in her own work as a manager.

She is open to new things and ideas and is easily inspired. Inspiration of the new on the other hand wakes up the need to get more information and to learn more. She takes new ideas and solutions courageously forward without being afraid of failure, as she sees both success and failure as important for learning. Her work is guided by a bigger target and top-level plan that can be changed too according to circumstances. She is very quick and thus it is important for her to adapt her own pace to the others and make sure everyone is committed to the work. Same applies to planning: in some situations more thorough planning would decrease the uncertainty and bring more predictability.

As a member of a team and in different kinds of collaboration platforms she reads the moment and alignes her own style and effort to the work based on the situation. She gives actively and bravely her own suggestions and views to the common work. She takes her own place but pays attention to others and gives them space to bring their own views. She summarizes and thus makes sure the work goes forward and the target is reached even she wouldn’t have a nominal leadership.

She recognizes differences in both situations and in people and aims to adapt her leadership style accordingly. Basically she leads with and through people. She communicates the common target and builds commitment. She shows interest and creates an atmosphere where everyone is heard. She recognizes the differences of people in both skills and motivation and aims to put their strengths to service. She shows respect to the differences of people and communicates with others by considering their individual character. She recognizes the situations that require quick decisions and more guiding leadership. She trusts on people and gives them responsibility by trying to benefit their different skills and strengths – and by this also completing her own weaknesses.

She reviews things widely and in many different aspects, then creates her view based on the synthesis. She trusts on her own analysis. She communicates her views clearly and gives comprehensive justification. She isn’t scared to bring out her own view and her performance is confident and determined. She reacts to counter-arguments in a flexible manner by arising new aspects and more justifications.


  • openness to new and eagerness to learn
  • brave implementation and taking this forward also in uncertain situations
  • determination when aiming to the target
  • flexible and conducive way of collaborating
  • situation sensitivity
  • ability to align the leadership style according to people and the situation
  • inspiring and challenging the team to reach ambitious targets
  • creates team spirit and good atmosphere
  • convincing and sure argumentation and performance
  • clear communication
  • realistic and open self reflection

Development targets

  • working with something that requires precise work with details
  • systematical completion
  • too quick progress, restlessness
  • high tolerance of risk and uncertainty can cause risk decisions
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