#Inclusionpossible, integration, migration and diversity

Migration, integration and inclusion stepped into my life 2005 when I started my first job as a Finnish as a second language teacher in Salo. That was the time I opened my eyes to see migration. I always wished to have experience of living abroad and 2012 we moved to China. My years in China,Continue reading “#Inclusionpossible, integration, migration and diversity”

Second Language Acquisition and pedagogy

Long kiss goodnight homework Linkedin March 24th 2019I am almost always reachable by email or several interactive apps on my phone. Working in several time zones makes the work different. The urge to do quick business and the devices that support this urge make the work different. Our urge to be priceless employees supports thisContinue reading “Second Language Acquisition and pedagogy”

Working, leading and learning remotely

I started to work remotely in the beginning of 2015 whilst living in China. We moved to Beijing 2012 because of my husband’s work. Our kids were small and I was doing my second master’s degree to Jyväskylä university to keep myself on career track. Then Lapland’s centre of economic development, transport and the environmentContinue reading “Working, leading and learning remotely”